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Traversy Media is a fine source of the latest web tutorials on different programming languages. With subscribers touching the 725K mark, the channel provides in-depth learning tutorials on major development and scripting languages like Angular, Node, React.js, Ruby, Python, and much more. Derek Banas brings to the table, extensive web tutorials on different programming languages made for both beginners and advanced developers. With more than 1000 videos already uploaded, this web development YouTube channel has separate playlists for every language and is regularly updated twice a week. With more than two million subscribers, TheNewBoston is the most-watched web development YouTube channel for learning programming languages.

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  • We’ve shown you how to use the YouTube Audio Library to find music for your web videos.
  • But the YouTube Audio Library isn’t your only source for royalty free music and free stock audio.
  • We’ve done the research for you to compile the best stock music websites so you can start hunting for the perfect track.
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The curriculum also includes Full ARKit and CoreML Modules. The trainer is an expert iOS and WatchOS developer who is proficient in Swift and Objective-C.

Our tutorials dive deep into software engineering specialities like refactoring code, version control, and object-oriented design. They offer courses ranging from introductory programming to more advanced languages. The interactive learning approach lets you immediately apply what you’ve learned. There are over 300 million hours of free coding content available to take you from complete beginner to working programmer. They offer standard online courses and gamified courses. Gamified courses help to bring achievements and interaction into the learning process.

All you have to do is choose your language and start learning. iOS Developer and Instructor Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location Angela YuAngela Yu brings this fantastic course that helps you learn iOS 11 App Development from beginning to expert level!

Founded by Bucky Roberts, the channel is a popular source of free web learning for many beginners. It has extensive tutorials available on both backend and frontend languages, intended for a newbie to advanced learners. Skillshare is a subscription-based service that offers thousands of online coding courses taught by industry professionals. And these aren’t just any professionals either – at time of writing there were courses by Rachel Andrew, Christian Heilmann, and Jenn Lukas on there, so you’re getting world-class knowledge here. Courses come complete with material that’s been created by the instructors, and there are projects for you to apply your skills. There’s also an iOS or Android app that enables you to steam courses on the go, for more flexible learning. Start by exploring programming fundamentals, then learn how to code and create an application, and finally understand what’s going on under the hood.

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Using these picks, kids can unlock the logic of code and the basics of programming, turning computers into tools to make new things. Code the blocks provides free and interactive Python tutorials for beginners. It combines Python programming with a 3D environment where you “place blocks” and construct structures. The tutorials teach you how to use Python to create progressively more elaborate 3D structures, making the process of learning Python fun and engaging. Codecourse is one of the best YouTube channels to learn to code easily, as it lets developers learn about the latest web languages and their optimization tips. It has a large number of videos uploaded, categorizing each in separate playlists to let the newbies find what they want. From C# to Laravel and the latest Nuxt.js, the channel offers a wide range of tutorials made up of in-depth analysis.