Teachers uty sick … among teachers a third – people of retirement age … Retirement age – an area of ​​risk.

Teachers uty sick … among teachers a third – people of retirement age … Retirement age – an area of ​​risk.

Third, it is necessary to check whether the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has ratified this document and from what date it is binding in Ukraine.

"Agents of change" and "leaders of European values", expressing their numerous "expert opinions", usually do not pay attention to such trifles. By appealing to the "EU experience", without referring to specifics, you can prove almost anything. It is unfortunate that these "expert opinions" are then replicated as the ultimate truth. It is even sadder if these "thoughts" are used for dishonest "information attacks".

In my opinion, Ukraine is not ready to introduce training at the age of 5. Because before making such a decision, you need to properly prepare, do a lot of work: study teachers, create new classrooms, purchase training equipment, write and publish many new textbooks. It is clear that a huge amount of money must be allocated for this.

But, on the other hand, if Ukraine is not ready now, it does not mean that such a solution is not possible in the near future.

At what age should you start compulsory education in Ukraine? I’ll be honest: I don’t know. I believe that professional specialists – scientists, practical teachers, child psychologists, pediatricians, sociologists, specialists in the organization of education, financiers – should have their say in the first place. And of course, representatives of the non-partisan community, including parent organizations.

In resolving this issue, we should focus primarily on the theory of child-centeredness, which was formulated by the President of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine Vasyl Kremen. All government decisions on secondary education should be aimed at maximizing the child’s potential. We need to make sure that the school years are filled with modern creative content that fully satisfies the diverse educational needs of the "little learner."

P.S. This article reflects only the position of the author. The conclusions and factual statements presented in this article do not reflect the position of state bodies, institutions, organizations.

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In a pandemic, how can we not provide teachers with protection and suspend wage increases?

I. Suslova: teachers are also at the forefront, as are doctors

Author: Irina Suslova, head of the women’s movement "For the Future".

Yesterday, the Cabinet of Ministers again postponed for a year the decision to increase the lowest teachers’ salaries to four subsistence minimums. The reason is trivial – lack of funds.

Education Minister Scarlett was quick to report that teachers’ salaries had been raised by 5.8% since September 1. And next year he promised not to stop.

It all looks like an excuse.

But for me personally, yesterday’s decision of the government is especially dissonant against the background of endless appeals of teachers to help them! I communicate with a huge number of teachers.

They are silent about them and their fight against the coronavirus. Every day, teachers quietly pull on their straps and find ways to make timely diagnoses (so as not to endanger others), to be treated, and then to restore their health.

Their salaries do not allow them to take paid tests, and free ones have to wait for weeks! You don’t have to be super smart to understand how the learning process suffers from these terms, the lack of opportunities and the dangers of educators and children.

In addition, those who have encountered COVID-19 know that it does not heal quickly. Two weeks, officially designated for treatment, is more a desire than a reality. And let’s not forget about rehabilitation. And most importantly – how much does it all cost!

And it is good if the school has an active and caring principal who cares and knocks on all the doors, appeals to philanthropists and private laboratories to get benefits or discounts on the test for their teachers.

But, friends! This is the responsibility of the state! In the conditions of a pandemic, how can one not provide teachers with means of protection, free tests, etc., and also suspend one’s own decisions to increase salaries? Teachers are also at the forefront, as are doctors and the military!

Let’s hear them!

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The school principal can now underestimate, but has no right not to save children and teachers

I. Chernilevskaya: I demand action in defense of teachers

Author: Irina Chernilevskaya, director of the school №179 Kyiv.

Boiled … I will tell the truth again. Just calm down … I’ll start as in the problem.



Children and adolescents get sick, but often in a mild form and sometimes even asymptomatic….

Teachers uty sick … among teachers a third – people of retirement age … Retirement age – an area of ​​risk. Schools cannot be closed, the quality of distance education is low.

Purpose: to preserve the educational process as much as possible – to keep the eye shape. And children get sick more often in a mild form. Teachers do not have any preferences in the organization of diagnosing covid, about treatment, insurance and talk makes no sense… This is the situation today, November 25…

It feels like no one is paying attention to these facts on purpose … Maybe we are being destroyed? Are we so sacrificial, or are we such a small pawn that we don’t mind losing?

And don’t accuse me of excessive hysteria or pathos. 22 teachers out of 98 patients. Kovid was diagnosed in 7 (1470 students in gymnasium, 7 also suffer from kovid). All teachers paid 900-990 hryvnias for their diagnosis. This is the cost of 15-20 lessons…. Not everyone turns to private diagnosis …

Example from life: a wonderful primary school teacher, a GREAT TEACHER … fell ill. She is 62 years old (I don’t say her name on purpose!), I ask: "Colleague! How are you? Were you sent for analysis?" And her family doctor opened a hospital … He treats .. "No, they didn’t send me for a test … They told me later "- that’s the answer. A week passed, the sense of smell and taste disappeared … And they didn’t send me further … And they didn’t send me .. They’ve already discharged her … Kovid hasn’t been diagnosed … I’m glad that my colleague has returned to work … I ask how things are. And she says: "It’s hard … I used to fly to the 4th floor easily … And now with rest, shortness of breath … such weakness … ".

I have a case of recurrence of covid in a high school nurse. There is NO system for notifying me, as a principal, about contact, about sick students … This is me and this is the system.

Thanks to the social consciousness of my parents, I receive certificates from my parents on my Viber, and on the basis of such a certificate I have the right and obligation to transfer the class as a contact for 14 days of distance learning. And more than once received a certificate of a child who fell ill with Kovid. The certificate states 11 days of receiving the result! React too late. I receive a certificate with such a term that all these 14 days have already passed … And this contact class has already studied …

This is no level of organization to combat the spread of the disease. The time healed in March 2020, which was not used by the authorities to deploy diagnostic laboratories, is a clear failure!

I don’t understand: why don’t teachers be tested? Why not test children? If different types of quarantine kill business, there is not enough money and capacity at all … But children are such a wide and now such a dangerous group … Doctors are being tested (Lord! Give strength and health to these courageous people who save us! ), The police and civil servants… Why are we teachers thrown out and me writing an lab report stubbornly not seen? And we are holding a blow like a front, because it is impossible not to see how quickly the chain of teachers’ illness is seizing!

I will say an even more seditious thing: I (as an institution) can underestimate, but I have no right not to keep children … And this is teachers in the classroom, this is a teacher in the transfer, this is a teacher in substitutions … I have no right not to save …

And I am categorically against requests, hopes for some charity – we are employees of the state who cherish the future. I don’t know what is more expensive than children … And I know that a school without children is dead, but there is simply no school without teachers … I demand action to protect teachers! I demand from the power structures of all levels … It is impossible to procrastinate …

P.S: the question is not in the organization of the distance..it is an extreme forced measure. I have my own experience. I also prepare lessons in the google class and use this material in the lesson on the real Internet .. Very convenient … I teach history in two 9th grades. one class was on the distance for 2 weeks, and the other studied full-time. Gave a test job. The class that was at the distance wrote for 4.75 points, and full-time for 8 … It is difficult for a child to force himself, and the group in the class has more success … that’s why I cling to full- time education …

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The requirement for 2020 training in the amount of 150 hours is unfounded

R. Grishchuk: about the volume of advanced training hours

Author: Roman Grishchuk, People’s Deputy of Ukraine from the Servant of the People political faction, member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Education, Science and Innovation.

Information for teachers.

I regularly receive requests and questions from teachers about professional development.

The fact is that the law "On complete general secondary education" requires teachers to undergo in-service training for at least 150 hours in 5 years. Some diligent school principals already require these 150 hours from teachers.

But the fact is that the obligation to pass 150 hours of advanced training appeared only on September 28, 2017.

Therefore, it is possible to demand such a volume from teachers starting from September 28, 2022.

Any requirement in 2020 to provide documents confirming in-service training of at least 150 hours is unfounded.

Thank you to the State Service for the Quality of Education of Ukraine for clarification.

If your school unreasonably requires confirmation of advanced training for 150 hours, write to me, we will understand together.

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The education system is over, because it is not modern, because the world has changed, and the education system has not

T. Kokhanevich: the world has changed, but the education system has not

Author: Tatiana Kokhanevich, Methodist of the Lviv Regional Center for Educational Quality Assessment.

My friends! After reading the book "French education. The Story of an American Mother in Paris" by Pamela Druckermayer, you will learn that not only we, Ukrainians, scold our educational system in every possible way and admire the achievements of other nations in this field.