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They also shared tips on clean recycling and how it contributes to the recycling process. This student-initiated project demonstrates how the younger generation is willing to act and respond to the challenges of plastic pollution, and they are eager to call for more support from the community. Initiated by The Warehouse Teenage Club (蒲窩青少年中心) and supported by PolyU School of Design and the Material Resource Centre, a series of activities and workshops on plastic recycling and re-engineering commenced in March 2019. These activities are part of a city-wide community and program on plastics recycling, which aligns with the successful example of Precious Plastics. Young adults below 25 are welcome to participate in this program in which they can learn more about plastics and build their own machines to transform plastics into other useful stuff.

  • Relevant sustainability-related policies and guidelines are in place to further spread the message and provide assistance to staff and students when they organize activities.
  • PolyU has been leading examples in bringing about green and sustainable practices in our events.
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PolyU shared no hesitation to support this event and invited the campus community to switch off the air conditioners for 12 hours from 7 p.m. PolyU signed the Food Grace’s pledge to help reduce mooncake wastage in Mid-Autumn. Mooncake collection points were set up on campus https://kostenloseslots.de/ for collecting surplus mooncake and sharing with families in need through Food Grace. Like other activities in the past that aimed to collect surplus food items, this was one occasion invited the University community to think about reducing food waste at source.
This set up demonstrates that every one of us can contribute to conserving resources by having sustainable habits in different aspects. We can be mindful about event decorations, and stylishly recyclable items can be the core of our decoration. Industrial Centre’s Smart Energy Workshop has been renovated, bringing in Smart Building System and Smart Lighting Control System. Other enhancements are seen, including the improved visual management and user experience through an in-house developed web server which fetches the necessary information, and displays them in real-time on tailor-made web pages. The refurbishments intend to create an ambiance of smart monitoring and energy management, which sets an example for our smart city development. A local green group, the World Green Organisation launched a Paper Saving Campaign in April 2019, calling for attention towards paper reduction. WGO hosted its press conference in April 2019 to give out more details on this campaign. It invited over 500 companies, schools, non-government organizations, and individuals to sign its Paper-Saving Declaration. By signing, these parties pledged to avoid the use of paper unless necessary.

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A dedicated briefing session for the PolyU community was held in early September 2019 to collect views from PolyU staff and students towards this pressing issue. In addition to the briefing session inviting PolyU members to share their views, an exhibition was staged on campus to arouse awareness. The annual campus veggie event,VeggieLicious, was held from 16 to 20 September this year to promote the concepts and the fun of green dining. Some informative sharing sessions, a fun-filled lunch carnival, and a few inspiring workshops were included in this one-week event, which engaged over 500 students and staff.
GGHC members and volunteers will return for a PolyU Halls-wide event for collection of reusable items in the month of April. Each of the university staged its own BYO week with an array of on-campus engagement activities and discounts at their selected catering outlets. Campus community members were engaged to take BYO actions and reduce disposable waste by bringing their own reusable items (water bottles, cups, food containers, cutlery, bags etc.) to meet their needs. The Campus Sustainability Office organized the Food Drive in February 2019 to encourage a zero-waste lifestyle on campus. Collection boxes were set up with massive publicity at canteens to facilitate this campaign. Over 30kg of Lunar New Year gift packs and food were collected and distributed to those in need through FOOD-CO. This activity alarmed and invited the University community to build a sustainable community together to save and share resources wisely. Orange also explained that by decluttering our homes we could also improve our emotional well-being.
A staff user was also there to share her personal experience and views towards this new campaign. Reporters at the spot learned about how GreenCoin operates, and how it represents a suitable model that can be further extended to deepen sustainability principles and concepts in the wider community. Green PolyU Awards – Green Office Programme Phase 4 will continue with more engaging and motivating activities to support colleagues to accelerate their progress in greening their offices. PolyU’s Green PolyU Awards – Green Office programme, the unique campus-wide campaign to drive green workplace culture, has just concluded its Phase 3 in June 2019. It is the University’s leading initiative for rewarding and celebrating offices for their contribution to drive resource efficiency and reducing negative environmental impacts. Clear and practical information is available on this online Green Event Checklist to help event organizers, and remind them to consider solutions to reduce waste at source, make green choices in printing and production, and stop using disposables. With concerted efforts from event organizers and participants, we can further enhance PolyU’s environmental performance by reducing waste and carbon emissions in campus events. The good examples from these winning offices tell sustainability in the workplace is more than using energy-saving bulbs and recycling bins. In fact, it is a holistic approach to creating a general sense of wellbeing for the entire office.
Every single Bitcoin participant that joins the location shall be allotted their very personal FunFair crypto wallet. Wallet house owners are able to switch their tokens to another beaxy custody pockets, as well as sell on numerous exchanges, and even use at different FUN-friendly casinos. All bets are paid instantly from the FunFair pockets, and conversely wins and losses are instantly debited or credited to the pockets straight after a guess. They use their own currency, FUN, which is the only coin across the platform. The coin is accepted for credits in the game, the service fees, and it is also used as the main payment method when paying developers, game owners, affiliates, etc. A HD mobile wallet for buying and selling multiple cryptocurrencies through a built-in peer-to-peer exchange feature.
There’s a lot of hype surrounding bitcoin wallet newcomer Exodus, with its versatile design and multi-currency features. The Reusable Item Distribution, organized by the Green Hall and the Chinese Mainland Students’ Association , was held on 8 and 9 September 2018 in the Homantin Halls. It has been an annual practice for Green hall and CMSA to host this activity at the end of the semester as they encouraged students to donate various reusable items during the check out period and collected them for new residents’ use. They managed to collect almost 8 boxes of reusable items including stationery, utensils, kitchen appliances, daily need items, textbooks, and novels this year. The Reusable Item Distribution was then held, joined by around 120 residents and more than 600 reusable items were distributed to the residents to start a new life. The Secretary for the Environment, Mr Wong Kam-sing, joined the representatives from different green groups and local media in an event on 29 September 2018 in the hope to arouse public attention on climate change which is threatening the globe. PolyU’s School of Design was one of the collaborators supporting this meaningful event and provided the idea of a folding fan. Over 1000 participants at the event echoed the call and folded the eco-paper fans, and this act symbolized their commitment to combat climate change by adopting a low-carbon lifestyle. In their views, upcycling was not only the core of their businesses but also a culture which should be further promoted. They opined that people would learn to appreciate things in the world and discover the values of all materials through the act of upcycling.
FunFair was started in 2017 in Singapore, and has grown since to incorporate workplaces in London, Gibraltar, Malta and Guernsey. The FunFair creators have over 40 year of experience in developing casino software. Having a vast knowledge of how to maintain gambling business, FunFair also does a great job at showcasing their platform and they are sure to hit new goals the coming year. FunFair is a decentralized platform based on Ethereum smart contact technology. The idea behind their service is to provide fun, secure, and fast casino game. The FunFair team aims to resolve some biggest issues faced by online casinos such as slow operation, the need for a single in-game currency, high costs, and most importantly, the lack of trust. They challenge the traditional online casinos and introduce the FunFair token called FUN as the main currency on the platform.
PolyU assumes the role of the campaign’s technical partner, drawing upon its success and achievements in the University’s Campaign in 2017/18. PolyU believes all office workers can help build a paper-saving culture by making simple changes. Adopting workflow automation and digitalization of documents will also generate a big impact on paper reduction. As the saying goes, sustainability not only addresses the impact on the environment but also our community. Joined by the Community Recycling Coop, a charitable organization established in Shamshuipo by the Industrial Relation Institute, PolyU Staff Association organized the used item collection campaign on 7 and 8 May 2019. A dedicated counter was set up to collect reusable items like books, household goods, stationery, toys, clothing, shoes, bags and electrical appliances. It was also an opportunity to spread the message on sharing and caring for the community. The PolyU team steering the GreenCoin development and operations met a few of the local reporters and astonished everyone in the media interview with their behind-the-scenes stories.
funfair coin review
The equity related to FunFair comes from using bitcoin bonus the blockchain, in addition to sensible contracts, which offer transparency. In addition, the gaming platform makes use of the FunFair token as its currency. Players additionally pay to make use of video games by way of FUN tokens, like making in-app purchases for freemium on line casino games. With a combined forty years of expertise in sport design, and partnerships with main game makers, FunFair is positioned to create and release some of the most progressive 3D games on a blockchain. The design of the platform makes for instantaneous response, and by using HTML5 for the graphical display of the video games customers get leading edge graphical high quality. In the Eighties he was the founder of Argonaut Games, which created video games for the then innovative Amiga and Commodore sixty four techniques. He later went on to discovered PKR.com, an internet poker site that utilized actual-cash and 3D avatars.
Their behaviors tell one thing – we need to develop green habits, both at work and at home. Once we continue such habits for long time enough, they will become our second nature that we will not even think about them before we act. The ideas of sustainability, eco-friendliness, and energy-efficiency became a part of our lives some time ago. Today they can reach their full potential on our campus with the Green https://www.americangaming.org/ PolyU Awards – Green Office programme. This programme is the pivotal scheme for The Hong Kong Polytechnic University for recognizing various offices for their contribution to resource efficiency and reducing negative environmental impacts. It builds a unique platform and brings about opportunities to meet and network with colleagues who are forward-thinking and championing sustainability across campus.
Student and staff participants of the UrbanFarming@Y6 and UrbanFarming@U Seed visited a local organic farm which is operated by the Wildroots Organic on 5 Jan 2019. Participants had the chance to enjoy an encounter with nature and experienced some farm work such as soil digging and harvesting. They also learned a lot about theories and practices of organic farming theory. Although it was a short visit, it inspired the participants to think deeper about sustainability funfair coin review and their relationship to the environment. You are welcome to visitPolyU Green Mapto find out the location of RVM and explore other green facilities on campus. Rising concerns over the disposing of polyfoam packaging materials are evident on campus when offices and departments have computer equipment upgrade exercises or when they acquire new equipment. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has long identified sustainability as one of its key areas to be addressed.

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What does sustainability matter to students at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University? How will these young people approach it and share its associated concepts and ideas with their peers? Good Seed HK of the Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation organized the Design for Social Impact Challenge 2019 on 20 June 2019 with support https://www.egba.eu/ from DBS Bank Limited. The event aimed to promote social innovation and enable young people to seek resources to nurture their innovative ideas. Incorporating values and concepts of sustainability, the event organizer had the brilliant idea of applying a reusable wooden backdrop, and it can be repeatedly utilized on different occasions.
funfair coin review
Introducing new ideas to the campus landscape requires careful planning and a thorough understanding of the existing landscape pattern, such as open and green spaces, architectures, paths, and walkways. It is common for any outdoor environment that trees are planted to provide enclosure and shelter, and soft landscape is sometimes used for hiding undesirable views. Sandra and Pure are therefore seriously examining the distribution, density, and variety of the trees and plants on campus to identify areas for improvements and room to accept new elements. They comment that new elements have to fit well with existing campus design, particularly the overwhelming brick-red towers and linked wings. A good mix of new plant species and shrubs coming in different forms, heights, and colors will be introduced around the Stephen Cheong Kam Chuen Memorial Plaza and Logo Square, delivering high visual values and energy funfair coin review to their surroundings. The FunFair platform makes use of the Ethereum blockchain and protocol to make it easier to create casinos, in addition to extra affordable to run them. With this expertise, they’re additionally fairer and sooner to play and in a position to reach gamers worldwide in a method that different platforms can not. The platform behind FunFair allows casino operators, affiliates, sport builders, and gamers to all work together in a method that advantages everybody while offering leisure and effectivity. It offers everything ETH 2.0 promises, already, government support, real adoption and use cases, a great community and technology and awesome projects coming online and it’s -just getting started-. FunFair takes the instant gaming and wealthy person expertise of traditional on-line casinos and combines them with the transparent coding and decentralized platform of blockchain casinos.

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The easiest way to add cryptocurrency assets to your Exodus wallet is to first purchase them with your national currency . The Council for Sustainable Development announced on 3 September 2018 that seven new projects were approved for funding under the Sustainable Development Fund. They could enhance public understanding of sustainable development and https://spieleohnedownload.de/ encourage the application of sustainability principles in daily life. ‘No Air Con Night’ is a large-scale energy saving campaign started in 2010 to promote the wise use of air-conditioning and has gained much support and reputation in the city. Over 100,000 households pledged last year to support and turned off the air conditioners on the event night.
The Qtum Electrum wallet supports QTUM storage with multi-signature support for increased security. MyMonero is a popular online wallet for those who don’t want to use their computer to run a full node when storing and managing XMR. The official Android app for IOTA, this open-source wallet is free to download and conveniently manage your IOTA holdings. GateHub’s web wallet offers multi-currency support, in-built exchange features and market analytics. A free paper wallet to store your Ether with the security benefits of offline storage. Developed by the Enjin Coin team, Enjin Wallet is a mobile multi-crypto wallet designed to be portable, secure and easy.
We spent quite some time discussing and exploring this, and we were determined to pick and feature plastic items around us which we are so familiar with.” Blake said. Every year World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June to spread awareness and to courage people to take action to protect the environment. To echo the WED, Campus Sustainability Office staged a series of activities during on https://www.iagr.org/ 5 and 6 June 2019 named under the theme ‘Live GREEN’. A lunch talk was held as Dr. Xoni Ma, Founder and Education Director of Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong, came and presented interesting facts and findings related to the conditions of the forest and vegetation in Hong Kong. He offered all participants rich information on the development and conservation of Hong Kong’s country parks.
funfair coin review
This plan is a helpful tool in creating a landscape environment that meets the diverse needs of all campus stakeholders. “The plan outlines what we want to achieve, and puts forward a vision which comes along with some very challenging recommendations. It is time for new, transformative, and exciting landscape planning approaches. We want to instil excitement and liveliness to current iconic spaces and other zones on campus. We also have to deal with landscapes and areas that were not realizing their potentials,” Pure Wong, Facilities Officer adds. No longer do you should trust casinos funfair coin review are acting pretty while they use private servers. With FUN casinos you’ll be able to go to the source code and check for yourself. This is enabled by a transparent random quantity generator, Guaranteed Fair recreation code and verifiable recreation logic run by blockchain smart contracts. Its B2B platform relies on the newest blockchain know-how to deliver effectivity and transparency while increasing the on line casino sector to incorporate new markets. Similarly, the FunFair platform is licensed and regulated so you know it’s legal, offered you might be in the best country.

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