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The method has potential for broader application in other countries and among other target groups, possibly with some small adaptations. Further research has to provide more insight into the question of to what extent the real time measurement tool could be applied reliably among a smaller number of respondents during a shorter period of time. The design of the SMS-based study described is adequate to obtain data from some general activities. A single SMS provides enough memory for a simple question and a limited number of response categories, but the obtained information is more limited compared to many other methods.

For example Sinsky et al. developed a time and motion study in which the allocation of time on 12 activities of physicians was recorded by observers. The observers coded among others what the physicians were doing, where they were doing it and with whom they were engaged . An option is to send two or more types of questions with a smart allocation of questions for different respondents. One could also think of two or more consecutive questions based on the response to the first question.

Even professional groups not involved in health care such as bus drivers or construction workers are a possible target group, although here the response categories would be defined differently. It would be necessary to adapt other parts of the design, depending on the working time of which target group will be measured. For example, it may not be necessary to measure the use of time 24 h a day, seven days a week, when out of office hours are not relevant. Yet, at the same time, it would be possible to perform more measurements per respondent during a day and include a lower number of participants. Our study sought to describe the deployment, feasibility and ease of implementation of an SMS-based time use method applied among Dutch GPs.

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  • The speech-recognition feature can be especially helpful for people with disabilities who can’t use the keyboard or mouse.
  • But it’s available to anyone who’d like to try talking to Windows instead.
  • After teaching Windows to understand the sound of your voice, you can then talk to the OS to get it to respond to your commands.
  • The feature even serves up a reference guide so you know what commands and other tasks you can throw at Windows via your voice.

The research was conducted over a period of 57 consecutive weeks in which 1051 individual GPs participated, an average of almost 20 participants per week. During the survey week, the participants received multiple messages on a daily basis which questioned them about their activities at random selected points in time . These experiences are also reflected in the response rate (94%) to the activity messages sent.

We stated in our communication to the participants that all data, including their email address and phone number, would off course be treated confidentially and would only be used for this research. By responding to our invitation and completing the survey, the GPs consented with participation. The SMS method appears to be a feasible method to collect real time data about the working hours of large populations and different subgroups, during one year.

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The design of the method was aimed at GPs in the Netherlands. Nonetheless, Nitro PDF Reader this instrument could be applied in other countries as well, because of the broad availability of mobile phones even in low- and middle income countries . The method could, with some adaptations, also be applied to other target groups. For instance, just as with GPs, it is important to gain insight into activities, related to patients or not, of other health care professions which can support manpower planning .

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