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We are proud of the new value we bring to our country.

Our company would like to thank all our customers that contribute to the development of these values.

ARMPEAT LLC founded in 2018, operates in energy and fuel industries.

ARMPEAT LLC represents the world’s leading brands in energy systems; and offers engineering solutions, sales and after sales service throughout the country.

We suggest large scale Energy Systems based on diesel and petrol engine cogeneration, trigeneration plants and biogas/ landfill gas/ natural gas applications.

ARMPEAT LLC provides environmental friendly engineering solutions and minimizes energy costs.

Experienced specialist team of engineers and technicians provide service support for the end users as well as maintenance and repair.


To be the first brand name that comes to mind in terms of expertise, specialty, product and services quality in energy cogeneration, UPS and electrical equipment’s.


To improve our attractiveness and competitiveness in our product and service offerings by producing compatible, dependable, accurate and economic engineering solutions that satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations.

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