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Voice and text chat is all available from within Zencastr itself. Edit as much or as little as you want with multiple editing options. Integrate with your favorite editing software to create great sounding podcasts your listeners will love. Simplified editing With locally recorded audio, separate audio tracks, and integration with your favorite software, you can spend less time editing. If you don’t have an external recording device, you can achieve the same "in-studio" effect by recording directly to your computer. You can use programs likeAudacity to record your audio in the background while you conduct the online interview.

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Once the meeting is over, every person exports their audio and uploads the recording to the podcast host for editing. Zencastr was among the first to introduce lossless audio quality to the online interview software ecosystem when it launched in 2016 — and it’s still a favorite by many podcasters. When you start recording, SquadCast "progressively uploads" each person’s lossless audio files to a cloud server, so if one person’s internet connection goes down, you won’t lose the recording. Then, you can download your audio files to your favorite editing software. SquadCast has quickly gained traction with seasoned podcasters. SquadCast records lossless audioandgives you video conferencing. Not only is Skype’s audio quality sub-par by modern standards, but it’s also inconsistent.

I recommend making the most of the 30-day trial and seeing for yourself. Riverside’s high-quality video recording feature is a game-changer for podcasters. If you’re recording your podcast remotely and you want the best audio quality possible, then Riverside is a safe bet. SquadCast 🥇 — Squadcast is the best remote podcast recording service out there right now.

Even with a reliable internet connection, you’ll notice segments of your audio that sound like you’re recording in a cave. For a long time, recording over a Skype call was the best option. But, that was back when its only competition was recording someone on a phone call.

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  • I love that you can create presets, making it super fast to use after you get it set up.
  • My favorite podcast host is Buzzsproutbecause they have a really easy to use platform, plus some additional sharing features that look great and save a ton of time.
  • It will level your audio, make it the correct volume for podcasting, add ID3 tags, export to YouTube, and a ton more.
  • While the recording and editing software options above are where I would start, there are many more options that will work.

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But times have changed, and we think the solutions we suggest in this article will give you better audio quality than using Skype. For most podcasters, this is the easiest and most cost-effective way to record remote video and audio. Zoom is also a well-known platform, which helps reduce the confusion for your guest. Just your guest a link to the meeting, and they can click on it to join the call. You’ll need a few essential pieces of equipment to record remote audio that’s not distracting for your listeners. The good news is, it shouldn’t cost you much, and these podcasting staples will serve you whether you’re recording remote or in-person audio. In summary, RINGR is a reliable remote podcast recording software that offers valuable features that might boost it from #3 to #2 for you.

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