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RationalPlan can be considered as an online version of MS Project with added features like resource planning, cost tracking, etc. It is available as a single installation license, multi-project license, server-license as well as Project viewer one. Though it is an web-based application, the user interface seems like 90’s. claims to be the great alternative to Microsoft Project with features like project planning, project tracking, managing resources allocation, Gantt Chart, etc.

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It gives you a nice high-level overview of what’s going on in your business. It’s got marketing integrations, sales integrations, real-time collaboration, a mobile app, and more. With Asana you will have all the best project management resources at your fingertips, including Slack, Evernote, and Harvest. Even if your team has a million tasks to tackle, Asana is built to help you break that elephant down into bite-sized pieces.

The above list is by no means comprehensive but highlights the most popular project management apps on the market in 2018. Here is a list of project management apps in alphabetic order active in the market in 2018 and a brief description of each. Most online project management applications give you a few weeks of free trial, so use them to do research as which application is best for your needs.

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now owned by Citrix is a highly customizable, multidisciplinary tool for for work management and team communication. It offers card-style dashboard which is very suitable for small project or day-to-day activities. is an online work management software to simplify planning, streamline workflow and gain visibility. Comindwork allows you to consolidate all project tasks, documents and ideas in one location. You can collaborate with your team and clients to keep everyone on the same page. Ganttic is somewhat visual resource planning tool that offers better flexible and capability to plan projects better than spreadsheets. and other tools to manage almost every aspect of your agency business using one tool.

You’ve seen lots of project manager software products out there. Comindware Project is a new offering, with a focus on collaboration and features to keep you organized. Here you’ll find out why this Bright Hub PM writer thinks you should take it out for a spin. is offered as an intranet and team collaboration software to make work place easy, collaborative and productive. It helps employees keep conversations, files, projects, etc in one place, easily accessible from any device.

Project Management: Steps And Tools To Follow Up On Your Project

Before you know it, that elephant has become an organized checklist of tasks and subtasks. Also, Asana includes an individual dashboard for each team member, which makes it easy to manage all the individual tasks and deadlines without getting in each other’s way. With a good project management system, missed deadlines and forgotten deliverables can become a thing of the past. Does the idea of stumbling upon a warehouse full of office templates make you happier than a kid in a candy programi dawnload store? Comindware offers automated workflow solutions—with all those templates to ease the way. It’s an interesting business collaboration product that offers a new twist on task management.

has been a pioneer software for and preferred choice of thousands of small businesses like creative agencies, marketing teams. is enterprise information management platform also used for project management purpose.

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